What’s up in Wattenscheid and why Ha²lo will succeed !

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Some of you asked me “Why did you leave Microsoft”, some asked “Hey what’s this Ha²lo ?” and others asked : “Why Wattenscheid ?”

The reason why I have left Microsoft lies in my DNA. Since very early on I’m used to be responsible for something and take responsibility. I built my first company at the age of 16 and used to run Companies since then. Back when we failed with EinsteiNet my mentor suggested to me that I should join a big corporate, learn the things a corporate can teach you – and of course the things I’ve never learned but did well.

The reason for building Ha²lo is as easy. At Microsoft I got introduced to the business side of sport. I used to play Volleyball for quite some time (and quite successful) but I had no clue at all how to run a Sports business. Hey – that’s what I’ve learned over the past couple of years and the sports industry is ready to be disrupted. With BigData, AI, Crypto and cloud technologies as such on the rise it is the right time NOW to build something big. It took almost a year to develop the idea, build the team and get ready for the start. And this is today as we have formerly introduced Ha²lo to the world !

The reason for selecting Wattenscheid as a truly traditional club is as easy : We want to build something together here in Wattenscheid with SG 09. We’re partnering and we’re not a sponsor who just goes for the jersey. We develop digital products in sports and we refine these together the SG 09 in practice. For this we are planning a total of 5 million € investment in the next three years in the club. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the fact that young talent benefits. Our goal is to make Wattenscheid 09 a digital trailblazer in football with the Ha²lo tools, and to return to professional football within five years. The range of digitization goes in our cooperation from the well-known scouting and tracking to make the team stronger, the stadium experience for the fan and the address to the fan right up to the club’s life. And that also applies to e-sport, which will soon play an important role in Wattenscheid.

Please visit Ha²lo at : http://haalo.io or watch our teaser on Youtube at : https://youtu.be/sc1BRMOqljc or https://youtu.be/AeLwp3dgqNI (english)